Dental bonding from Dr. Bruce Martinson is a practical way to improve the appearance of your smile while also improving the functionality of your teeth whitening Wayzata. Some of the most common uses for dental bonding are aligned with the same benefits patients achieve from dental veneers. Still, bonding does not require any portion of a patient’s tooth to be removed, making it a less invasive procedure.

Other Benefits of Dental Bonding

Another benefit of dental bonding over other cosmetic dentistry options available from Dr. Bruce Martinson is that the treatment can be completed in one visit. Many patients prefer this efficiency when they want to improve their smile when they’ve had little time to prepare for their smile enhancement.

For example, we treat patients with dental bonding who have found out at the last minute that they have a significant event coming up soon and want to make sure that they have a smile to match the importance of the occasion. Plus, dental bonding from our dentist can last for ten years or more, making it an even more desirable choice for smile makeovers.

Learn More Today

Whether you want a one-appointment smile enhancement or want to learn about the other array of cosmetic dentistry we provide in our modern dentist Wayzata, MN dentist’s office, we invite you to make an appointment to learn more.

Our dentist and our dental care team will never pressure you into making a decision for your smile makeover that you are not fully comfortable with. Instead, we will provide information about every option available for you to choose from.

In some instances, dental veneers may be determined to be a better choice for your smile improvement, but you’ll have the information you need to make that decision for yourself. Bruce Martinson Family Cosmetic Dentistry offers an assortment of smile makeover solutions in addition to dental bonding, and we’re happy to discuss the pros and cons of each procedure specific to your goals, timelines, and budget. We also serve patients from the surrounding areas including Mound, Long Lake, Spring Park, Minnetonka, Plymouth, Excelsior, and dentist in Minnetrista. Schedule your appointment with us online now with our convenient booking form.