Exams & Cleanings in Wayzata, MN

If you’re searching for a dentist near you for an exam and cleaning appointment, our dentist at Dr. Bruce Martinson, DDS is here to help! With a focus on preventive dentistry to help create a beautiful and healthy smile for a lifetime, Dr. Bruce Martinson spends time with each patient to ensure that your exams and cleanings are gentle and thorough. With a combination of patience, precision, experience, and modern technology, Dr. Bruce Martinson, DDS is here to provide complete dental care for you and your family.

Importance of Annual Exams and Cleanings

It’s always easier to treat minor concerns before they become larger ones. For example, when you visit Dr. Bruce Martinson for your exam and cleaning in Wayzata, MN, small matters like early gum disease can be easily detected before the condition advances and results in tooth loss and more.

Plus, when you visit our dentist in Wayzata, MN for your preventive dentistry, you’ll discover that Dr. Bruce Martinson, DDS never passes judgment on the current condition of your oral health. if you haven’t been to a dentist in years, our goal is to help you get back on the road to optimum oral health.

We also know that some patients may be hesitant to visit a dentist near them because of dental anxiety. Our team is here to help even the most hesitant patient receive the care they need through gentle, compassionate dentistry. If it’s been a while since you visited a dentist you’ll discover that the advanced technology and equipment we use at Dr. Bruce Martinson, DDS makes treatment times quicker and less invasive than ever before. Plus, our considerate and friendly dental care team will do everything possible to make your visit a pleasant one.

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