Are you searching for a dentist Wayzata, MN for gentle dental fillings ? If so, we invite you to visit Bruce Martinson Family Cosmetic Dentistry, where Dr. Bruce Martinson can provide gentle dental fillings as well as tooth-colored fillings for a natural appearance after the procedure.

Benefits of Dental Fillings from Bruce Martinson Family Cosmetic Dentistry

Along with providing a wide range of comprehensive dentistry, our dentist uses a range of materials to provide the most effective treatment against cavities and decay. Having choices in the materials that can be used in your dental filling means that you can decide on the material that’s best suited for the tooth being treated.

For example, back teeth may require a more durable material than a front tooth since teeth in that area of the mouth receive more wear and tear. Still, natural-colored dental fillings are available from Dr. Bruce Martinson if you decide that cosmetic dental treatment is important.

When you visit us for your filling consultation, Dr. Bruce Martinson and our dental care team will ensure you have the information you need about the cost, durability, and aesthetic qualities of each material used in dental fillings. That way, you can make the choice that’s best for your lifestyle and budget, knowing that you’ve received information about every option available.

Cavities Do Not Always Cause Pain

Contrary to what many people believe, a cavity requiring a dental filling does not always cause pain. Our use of advanced imaging equipment will identify cavities when they’re still small, so your treatment can be performed in a matter of minutes as opposed to a lengthier treatment time when the cavity is allowed to go untreated. That’s one reason that regular exams and x-rays are important. If it’s been more than six months since your last exam or a year since your last set of dental x-rays, we encourage you to book an appointment today so early detection can be made.

Schedule an Appointment

Your consultation for a dental filling is also a great time to ask Dr. Bruce Martinson about other treatment options for smile enhancements we provide at Bruce Martinson Family Cosmetic Dentistry, such as dental aligners and dental veneers. Our office serves the surrounding areas that include Mound, Long Lake, Spring Park, Minnetonka, Plymouth, Excelsior, and dentist in Minnetrista. Please call us now to schedule a time that works best for your consultation.