Dental Implants in Wayzata, MN

Often considered the most natural-looking tooth replacement choice, dental implants from our dentist at Dr. Bruce Martinson, DDS are also preferred for durability and long-term peace of mind. Like other excellent tooth replacement choices such as a dental bridge or partial dentures, dental implants are also available from Dr. Bruce Martinson.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Although a dental implant procedure will require multiple appointments and an extended treatment time versus the other two options mentioned above, patients frequently comment to Dr. Bruce Martinson that the additional time investment was well worth it for the complete restoration of their self-confidence. An additional benefit includes no longer having to worry about remaining teeth shifting from their position as they move to fill the gap left by the lost tooth and changing the appearance of their facial structure over time.

Some patients may benefit from implant-supported crowns because it is a way to fill the missing tooth without having to do any treatment to the adjacent teeth.

We Make Scheduling a Dental Implant Easy

When you visit Dr. Bruce Martinson, DDS for your implant consultation, our dental care team will provide you with a treatment plan that includes a timeline for your procedures. That way, you can schedule your upcoming appointments when it’s most convenient for your work or school schedule.

In addition to providing you with a treatment timeline for your dental implant, we make scheduling future appointments easy. You can either call our office, use our convenient online booking tool, or schedule your next appointment at the end of your current appointment. Either way, our goal is to make your dental implant treatment as comfortable as possible. We invite you to call us now to learn more.

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