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What to Expect During an Emergency Dentist Appointment?

A dental emergency is more common than most people think. For example, a small abscess or crack on your tooth could result in tooth loss, gingivitis, and other oral diseases if not treated early. If you have never had a dental emergency before, you might be curious to learn more about its causes and what to expect when you go for treatment. To prepare you for future dental emergencies, we will list a few things to expect when you go for an emergency dental visit.

Dental Emergency

If you have recently experienced pain, swelling, or damage in your tooth or gums, you could be suffering from a dental emergency. Other signs of dental emergencies to be on the lookout for are:

A Damaged Tooth

If you experience pain from your chipped or cracked tooth, visit your dentist Wayzata immediately. An early visit to your dentist can enable them to protect your tooth from additional damage and relieve your dental pain. In addition, patients who delay treatment have a higher chance of losing their tooth to decay. Save your tooth today by visiting an emergency dentist near you as soon as you start experiencing constant toothaches.

Prolonged Toothaches

Persistent, unexplained toothaches could signify tooth decay or other oral diseases. If the cause of toothache is decay, delaying treatment can enable the bacteria in your tooth to spread to other parts and cause a dental abscess or other severe dental problems. Make sure you practice good oral hygiene by brushing, flossing, and going for routine dental checkups to protect your gums and teeth from dental diseases.

Bleeding Gums

Some patients experience bleeding gums due to accidentally poking their gums with a toothpick or brushing their teeth with poorly made toothbrushes; when the bleeding doesn’t seem to stop, it could signify periodontal disease. Visit an emergency dentist in Wayzata if you have swollen gums and experience prolonged pain and bleeding.

Swollen Jaws

Oral cancer, swollen lymph nodes, and infection are some of the causes of swollen jaws. In some cases, gum disease can cause swollen jaws and result in pain when chewing. Since swollen jaws are commonly associated with oral diseases, visit Bruce Martin, DDS, for emergency dental services as soon as your jaws start to swell.

Dislodged Dental Implants

Most patients depend on dental implants Wayzata, MN or fillings to protect their teeth from damage and infection. However, if your dental implants or fillings come off due to an accident or a botched dental procedure, you could be at more risk of infection. Go to your dentist in Minnetrista to correct your dental implants and fillings to avoid getting bacteria-related dental diseases.

What to Expect During a Dental Emergency Appointment

Emergency Diagnosis

Unlike conventional dental exams, emergency diagnosis only focuses on the cause of your dental emergency. Your dentist will try to figure out the severity of your dental problems first to offer you the best dental treatment as fast as possible. Notify your dentist of prevailing medical conditions or drug allergies before undergoing treatment to avoid any mix-ups.

Fast Dental Treatment

Depending on the severity of your dental emergency, your dentist may have to give you priority over other patients waiting in line. If your dentist is operating on a patient and not available immediately, they’ll advise you on managing your situation before they can see you.

How to Prevent Future Dental Emergency

Brush and floss regularly to prevent plaque and bacteria from hiding inside and between your tooth.

Use fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your teeth and make them less prone to damage.

Avoid biting on hard objects to protect your teeth from cracking

Visit a dentist near you for routine dental checkups

Use of Anesthetics

Dental emergencies are often painful. To ensure you are comfortable during the procedure, your dentist may use an anesthetic before carrying out the operation. If the procedure is invasive and you are too anxious, we may use sedation treatment to help you feel more comfortable.


Dental emergencies are painful and can result in severe dental problems. If you suffer from decay or gum damage, don’t risk future oral complications by delaying treatment. Instead, visit our dental clinic today to get the best dental emergency services. We provide spa comfort dental amenities to lessen your anxiety and make your experience comfortable.