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Why You Should Prefer Professional Teeth Whitening?

There is a big difference between professional teeth whitening and teeth whitening kits available at stores. In-office teeth whitening near you allows the patient to feel more comfortable and confident in their smile.

During an in-office whitening procedure, the dentist controls the concentration of teeth whitening agents used. It ensures that patients do not get too little or too much of the ingredients within the products. The exact rate of in-office teeth whitening depends on the need and teeth whitening type.

Disadvantages of Store-Bought Teeth Whitening Products

Store-bought teeth whitening products are usually affordable. But they do not provide the desired result. It may also degrade the tooth enamel and enhance tooth sensitivity. It ultimately compromises your overall dental health.

Also, overusing whitening products or not adhering to the tip given by the dentist properly gives you unevenly whitened teeth. It can also make your teeth weak.

Teeth whitening toothpaste, strips, and gels available in retail stores are also not prescribed to you. It means they do not align with the teeth whitening goals of the patients.

Why Whiten Teeth Professionally?

Dentists use professional teeth whitening treatment to provide optimal outcomes to the patient. But before you get your teeth whitened in the dental office, it is vital to have a dental exam first.

The dental professional will evaluate your gums and teeth condition. It helps the expert ensure that you do not have any existing dental problems. However, if the dentist finds them, he/she treats the diseases before whitening teeth.

When you whiten teeth with a healthy mouth, the teeth whitening gel penetrates deep into your gums and teeth. It results in pain, tooth sensitivity, and other dental problems.

It is essential to visit the dentist Wayzata before whitening teeth because every patient is unique. Professional teeth whitening treatment will whiten slightly differently for everyone.

  1. Guarantees Evenly Whiten Teeth

Teeth whitening solutions available at stores come in one fit. It means the patient can purchase a teeth-whitening tray and return home to use it. Some trays do well while others do not.

Teeth whitening products are also not customized to fit the teeth of a person. It leads to a smile that has different white shades. However, during in-office whitening, the dentist at Bruce Martinson DDS will create a teeth bleaching solution tailor-made for the unique needs of the patient.

For example, when the teeth trays are recommended by the dental expert, they are based on the mold of the teeth.

  1. Only a Dentist Can Eliminate Stubborn Teeth Stains

If you have teeth stains that have been created over many years, you can benefit from teeth whitening treatment. It will help you effectively remove stains that even get deep into the enamel such as tetracycline states and fluorosis.

However, teeth whitening products sold at the drug store have low peroxide concentrations. They are only effective at eliminating light stains on teeth.

  1. Teeth Whitening Takes Less Time

Teeth bleaching takes just a few sessions and usually takes one or several hours to complete in the dental office. The outcome will be perfectly white teeth. However, DIY teeth whitening products take several weeks. But there is no guarantee that the outcome will be the one you expect.

  1. Good for the Teeth Health

When you get teeth whitening Wayzata, it’s a good chance for the patient to have a dental check-up. The dental professional will conduct a dental examination to see underline dental issues in the mouth.

If they found any, the expert recommends repairs for the teeth or gums before starting the teeth whitening procedure. Moreover, the teeth bleaching dentist will also protect the patient’s gums from bleaching agent exposure. It helps in reducing gum irritation and sensitivity to the tooth.

  1. Get Professional Advice

Not every individual is an ideal candidate for in-office teeth whitening. The dentist will help you know whether the treatment is appropriate for you or not. For example, if your tooth has discoloration due to root canal treatment, it is not a good idea to try teeth whitening at home.

The dentist in Minnetrista suggests the patient mask the affected tooth using a dental crown and veneer before carrying out the professional teeth whitening procedure.