How Long after Dental Implant Can You Get a Crown?

When you consider replacing missing teeth with dental implants, you might express joy thinking you can have new teeth for the missing ones within a few days. However, before you arrive at any conclusions, you help yourself if you discuss the implant procedure with the dentist in Wayzata, MN. Dental implants are prosthetic devices functioning […]

Teeth Bonding 101: Everything You Need to Know

_Teeth Bonding 101 Everything You Need to Know

What Is Teeth Bonding? It is a dental procedure in dentistry that repairs natural teeth using composite resin. Dental bonding near you is particularly a restorative procedure for cosmetic dentistry. It means that if a dentist near you performs dental bonding, the goal is to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Composite is a tooth-colored […]

How Often Should You Have An Oral Cancer Screening?

Early detection of mouth cancer can improve a patient’s chances of preventing or treating oral cancer. Your dentist may recommend having a regular oral cancer screening to examine your entire mouth. Adults over 20 years should have an oral cancer screening every three years, while those over 40 years should have at least one screening […]

What to Expect During an Emergency Dentist Appointment?

A dental emergency is more common than most people think. For example, a small abscess or crack on your tooth could result in tooth loss, gingivitis, and other oral diseases if not treated early. If you have never had a dental emergency before, you might be curious to learn more about its causes and what […]

Why You Should Prefer Professional Teeth Whitening?

There is a big difference between professional teeth whitening and teeth whitening kits available at stores. In-office teeth whitening near you allows the patient to feel more comfortable and confident in their smile. During an in-office whitening procedure, the dentist controls the concentration of teeth whitening agents used. It ensures that patients do not get […]

Types of Dental Veneers: How to Choose the Best for You


Dental veneers are thin shells that are fitted over the front part of your teeth to improve the appearance of your teeth. They are also meant to protect your teeth from damage and improve the aesthetic of your smile. These tooth-colored shells bond to your teeth and change the size, color, length, function, and shape […]

Dental Crowns: Purpose, Procedure, and Types

Cracked, decayed, or chipped teeth are significant issues that plague countless smiles. Aesthetics aside, dental flaws can lead to other severe oral health issues that can cause tooth loss and bone loss, as is the case with gum disease. You need to care for your teeth every day to ensure that your pearly whites stay […]

The Dental Implant Placement Procedure: All Information That You Want to Know

If you have missing teeth, you soon realize it throws your bite out of alignment to change your facial appearance. Missing teeth also make you self-conscious with your smile. Dentists recommend artificial teeth if you prefer to replace your lost teeth. Instead of opting for any replacement solution, you must choose dental implants near you […]